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  Banned from Cannes

If you live and breathe film you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Cannes Film Festival, click on the image to the left for a quick 90 second documentary on my own experience there that nearly got me locked up in a French jail for get this… Having too much success in promoting a film comedy I wanted to make… called LADY GODIVA…Back in the Saddle. 

You see the festival is all about completed films that have been selected from hundreds of applicants worldwide. Only a few get to compete for the coveted awards that often takes an unknown work and catapults the filmmakers into the stratosphere.


Imagine having the nerve to show up in the south of France but going there without being invited, imagine going there and not even having a film to show.  Well, then imagine you are a quirky upstart who knows how to promote your little idea, to the point where all the press can’t wait to hear more about it at your very own press conference.  Then, imagine being told if you said one more word about your film the authorities promised to throw you in a French slammer with no croissants to eat for four months.

So that’s what happened to me, but, like Cinderella I got the fairy tale ending when I went ahead with my press conference and told 150 of the world’s press photographers that they were forbidden to write about me, or my little film idea.  The press loved being forbidden to do it and went wild and sent out news stories around the globe about what I was trying to do… and sure enough, three days later two guys with a few million dollars to spare called us from Bombay, India and put up the millions we needed to make our movie. 

The point being, I’m ready to take Hot Foot! to Cannes and do it all over again!

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