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Frank is a writer/producer born in Chicago and attended Boston University and San Francisco State where he earned a BA in Film. His financial and film industry experience enabled him to write and produce his own work that includes four features and two more in development.


He moved from Los Angeles to Texas where he and his wife shared a unique home on 30 acres with a renovated 1890 train depot as the main house and four cabooses for guests. Two years ago he completed building a home in San Marcos, Texas near Austin.




Producer & Screenwriter

Lady Godiva:  Back in the Saddle
Story by Frank Sacks/Heath Jones

Directed by Baz Taylor


Nico the Unicorn
Screenplay by Frank Sacks

Directed by Graeme Campbell


Extreme Justice
Screenplay by Frank Sacks/Bob Boris

Directed by Mark L. Lester


  • Nico the Unicorn

  • The Waterbed Wars

  • Extreme Justice

  • ICM Talent and Motion Picture Agent
  • International Film Sales Agent
  • Wall Street Institutional Investment Advisor
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