Log Line: "Hot Foot!" is an action/comedy script based on a true story of a giant foot that is stolen from the front of a Waikiki store on opening day.
The next 72 hours follows the trail of the two teenage pranksters who get more than they bargained for when they awaken an ancient Hawaiian legend and the Hot Foot! becomes an icon.
The screenplay is set fifty years ago in 1972 when the baby boomers were in their prime and everything else seemed possible.
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"What's that description again, Sarge? ..."
On this site you can find trailers from three other films that Frank wrote and produced and were distributed worldwide by HBO and Columbia Television. 
We have also prepared a detailed  production budget that takes advantage of the 25% Hawaiian Film Tax Credit. And, the film’s script that is downloadable from the menu bar above as Hot Foot! is a unique film character with a storyline unlike any other film comedy.
Our Mission Statement defines our purpose… "To create a global action/comedy that lights up the world with laughter one foot at a time". ​
​     "Hot Foot!"

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