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My name is Fred and I am the red icon blinking at you because  my creator, Frank Sacks, has some surprises in store for you.  Frank is a seasoned feature film writer/producer preparing his next feature film project entitled, “Hot Foot!”.

As an accredited investor you have been invited to our web site where it will be easy to learn more about Hot Foot!, and our film's investment opportunities. The easiest way to start is to see what we’ve been up to recently by previewing the five minute video documentary that  captures some of our true story and the real potential we can expect when we shoot Hot Foot! on location in Hawaii.
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   the 5 minute promotional video.
A limited number of seed investors may be invited to a Motion Picture Development and Production Fund Zoom Conference from the island of Maui. 
*Current date for the "Zoom"conference is July 22, 2021. Interested parties should contact our development office at Tel. 310.597.9888 for details.
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​ On this site you will also find trailers from the other successful feature films my creator has written and produced.  And for those of you who like to crunch the numbers and dig into the details, we have prepared a comprehensive Business Plan, a Private Placement Memorandum, a detailed $7 million dollar production budget and are making available the film’s original screenplay, all of which can be downloaded from this site in PDF formats.  By previewing the Business Plan you will quickly gain an insider’s perspective of what we believe is an innovative feature length motion picture  investment with a potential global brand name in the making.  
Our Mission Statement defines our purpose… "To create a global comedy franchise that lights up the world with laughter". ​
I 'll be looking forward to seeing you on Maui!
​     Fred
aka "Hot Foot!"


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